Sentyrz – Manufacturer of work clothes, work clothes
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SentyrzManufacturer of work clothes

Our company has been committed to the production of professional workwear and protective clothing and to the sale of work footwear since 1993.

With our vast experience, large production capacity, qualified staff and the best semi-finished products, we offer products of the highest quality and excellent use value. Our offer is therefore valued by the largest companies and enterprises in the country and abroad. Check our offer and get to know our company and our capacity. We assure you that cooperation with us will bring you only benefits!

Our qualitySentyrz Manufacturer of work clothes

We have strict quality control at every stage of production, from the selection of semi-finished products: textiles and threads, to the cutting process, sewing and finishing, and to packaging.

As a result, you may be sure that you get a product free of any defects and reliable, even when used under difficult working conditions.

CooperationWe sew for both large and enterprises as well as smaller companies