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The Sentyrz company sews workwear from the best Polish and western fabrics. Many years of experience, the best textiles and threads, as well as trained and competent staff allow us to produce the highest quality work and protective clothing that meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Our offer includes

  • working jackets
  • weatshirts and work vests
  • dungarees
  • short trousers and trousers with braces
  • apron and medical trousers
  • raincoats
  • and any other product consistent with custom orders

Clothing with your company's logo

A professionally and safely dressed employee inspires the client's trust in the entire company. Clothing is also a great advertising medium.

We make prints on any work clothing, and we can make patterns and inscriptions anywhere on the work clothing as required by the customer. With the continuously modernised machine park, we offer ever better methods of transferring the pattern to the fabric. We offer techniques that include durable and effective computer embroidery, screen printing and thermal transfer.


  • Workwear
  • Workwear
  • Workwear
  • Workwear
  • Workwear

Why our clothing?

Sentyrz offers a very wide range of workwear for many industries. Every professional needs different clothing, practical and comfortable, and at the same time protecting them against dangerous external factors.

That's why in our products we use additional seams, corduroy reinforcements in places most prone to abrasion, numerous functional and useful pockets, additional waistband adjustments, metal zippers, additional phone pockets, oilproof and waterproof patches, bolts in places exposed to tears, a simple and comfortable cut that does not restrict freedom of movement. Sentyrz vests, raincoats, raincoats and trousers ensure long and comfortable use.